Grant Writing is a Ghost Writing Service of CDG

Jean Campbell is the Grant Writer on call. During her 40 years in nonprofit management and services, she’s designed and developed over 100 educational, health care, and social service programs. She raised over 100 million dollars, through federal, state, city, community, foundation, and private grants, to support these initiatives.

Grant Writing Services

Pre-Grant Writing Activities

  • Identify the problem/goal that grant funding will address. If a new program is required to address this need/assist in its development.
  • Determine how this program or service will continue after the life of the grant is completed.
  • Work with agency staff to identify measurable objectives for inclusion in the grant evaluation plan.
  • Identify and outreach to potential funding sources.
  • Budget development
  • Obtain guidelines for grant submission.
  • Complete and submit all forms required by funding source.

Grant Writing Activities

  • Write grant.
  • Secure necessary signatures.
  • Submit required copies of grant, budget and enclosures to funding source.
  • Follow up with funding source to insure proposal arrived.

Post -Grant Submission Activities

Assist in-house staff, as needed to:

  • Set up financial compliance monitoring.
  • Grant reports regarding the activities required in the grant award
  • At completion of grant submit the final paperwork.

Fee Schedules

Standard Fee $80 per hour
Billed by ¼ hour

  • Funding Research – $80 per hour

  • Grant Fees (Include Pre/ Post Activities)

  • Foundation, corporate and private grants $ 1,579

  • State Grants – less than 12 pages + application $2,053
  • State Grants -12 – 25 pgs. $4,105

Monthly Retainer Plan per Calendar
Year Fee $58 per hour
Billed by ¼ hour

  • Monthly Minimum $290 (5 hours)
    Annual Contract Total: $3,480
    Unused hours rollover to next month and expire at year’s end
    Services cover most NPO operations…finalize before acceptance

  • Funding Research – $58 per hour

  • Grant Fees (Include Pre/ Post Activities)

  • Foundation, corporate, private grants $1,160
  • State Grants less than 12 pages $1,508
  • State Grants 12-25 pages $3,016

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